I went to Rothko

Okay, so my previous post may have been a bit simplistic. But now that I've had some time to reflect on the Rothko trip:

A room, full of people silently (or not so much) watching Rothko's work.

What were they feeling, thinking, did they notice the same brushstrokes as I did? What association did they have? I haven't had a real emotional reaction to the work. I was just admiring the admirers.

There were the more seasoned art enthusiasts, people silently pointing and nodding, suddenly interested in a part of a painting I had no explanation for. They have probably read books, maybe even painted themselves. Is it because they grew up in a more idealogical area? Where art was a symbol for change, were art was made by an intellectual elite? I feel all that matters about art now is what a rich buyer sees in it

And there here we are, taking pictures. (Yes I am aware that I am a part of this). We want to have it,  hold it, keep it. Because we have seen it all before. But that photo is a proof. "I WAS HERE, I WENT TO ROTHKO. What were his ideas? Beats me!"

Want to watch something really interesting? Watch this video about Constant, a dutch architectural artist with wild visions for the future. Also available to see at  the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag


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