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Thesis: 'Saving Conical Intersect

Saving Conical Intersect - A Video Essay from Dennis Molema on Vimeo . Some artists create expressly temporal and ephemeral work. Performances which can not be photographed, filmed or even where no sound may be recorded are quite common. Other artists record their work diligently. On of them is Gordon Matta-Clark. He made ​​pictures, videos, and even panoramic collages of the buildings he mathematically pierced. With the explicit intention to preserve the spatial work, he took photographs from all angles in the buildings condemned to demolition. However, does a photo do a spacial installation justice? If these flat pictures really preserve the original art experience, can I squeeze that spaciousness again? To find out, I have developed a reconstruction process. I collected all the available photographs from the piece Conical Intersect (1975) and used perspective lines to measure them. The resulting 3D model is shown in Virtual Reality goggles. In my reconstruction proces

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